Your all earnings go to the paytoshi wallet.From the paytoshi wallet,you can withdraw your earnings into your required wallet but now the is not working. So it is useless to work for paytoshi.

GETBITS  is the wonderful faucet which gives you satoshis from 100-3000 for every 60 minutes.

A large number of paytoshi faucets are not working and a few of them has gone to e-pay.

Recently most of the pay Toshi faucets have changed their paying processes to the e-pay faucet. Also, most of the pay Toshi faucets are not working and has become dead. Very few faucets are using pay Toshi but pay Toshi faucets are paying very less amount of satoshis. So I recommend don,t waste time to earn from pay Toshi faucets. Someone will be trapped in the problems when he will start here.

X bitcoin,thebigresearch,allsinone,
coin of are examples of dead faucets which was paying by pay Toshi and know has become dead.
On December 14th,2016. paytoshi had closed. they said, due to low volume it is not profitable to run paytoshi.
Paytoshi faucets were shifted to ePay faucets. Now both the paytoshi as well as ePay have been closed. On the other hand, we can that they are scammed now. So always keep in mind that any micro wallet my be scammed any time. Before scamming you have to transfer your balance immediately to your wallet. Now the working and famous micro wallets are      1.FaucetHub      2.FaucetSystem         3.Faucetfly.
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