HOW CAN WE GET BITCOINS:  There are different methods to earn bitcoins (cryptocurrency). Before knowing about the methods, Firstly it is necessary to know about bitcoins. Bitcoin is same as other currency i.e. The U.S. Dollars, UK Pound Sterling, Swiss Franc etc but virtual in nature.1BTC=7200$ and it is growing day by can check the rate from

EARNING OF BITCOINS BY MINING: Mining was the first way to earn bitcoins. Mining is not the easiest way to earn bitcoins. It required some investment. you can start mining through the popular websites GENESIS MININGHASH OCEAN(Scam now)Recently I have found a totally free mining can also invest to increase the speed of mining and earn much more. topmining(Scam now).Most of the miners are the scam. Always earn through the mining website freely like bitzfree.bitz free is a very superb platform to earn cryptocurrency freely. Here the withdrawal threshold is also minimum.Eobot is another great platform for free mining. Here someone can mine a lot of cryptocurrencies.

EARNING OF BITCOINS BY SOME WORKING: If mining is not possible for you then you can search for work that you can do for bitcoins. There are multiple services which offer the opportunity to work for the cryptocurrency. go to this link COINTASKER.

GAMBLING AND CASINO GAMES: I will not recommend this source of earning because it has a number of risks taken into account. Without depositing some amount you cannot start. If you have some deposit then you can make much more. Betcasino.Io

EARNING OF BITCOINS USING VARIOUS FAUCETS: Faucets allow you to get a few bitcoins in a definite period of time. The time span is different for different faucets. Go to my trusted Faucet list Faucethub Faucets

EARNING OF BITCOINS BY VISITING WEBSITES: You can get some amount of satoshis just visiting the website for a specific time span. If you are interested then go to the Earn with me.

EARNING OF BITCOINS BY WATCHING SOME VIDEOS: Some websites reward you some amount of satoshis to watching some videos.COINHD(Scam now).For further video, sites go here.

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