We can not earn the storaj freely. We can earn it by trading or by mining.

The STORJ is a decent cloud storage platform that allows someone to rent their passive drive area and earn for that reason. The Endorsers STORJ will use their files to store on competitive expenses and on the time of the PPP network which is protected from intervals, censorship, and hacks. An ERC20 Ethernet token with STORJ network payment and STORJ token.

Storej, which is known as decent cloud storage, is very interested in the cost of it. 15th of September, after heavy rates, it was as low as 0.3 $, over 60% in a single wave.

Since then this is the trade limit between 0.3 $ and 0.67. This week he dismissed again $ 0.3 again. This is 261.8% Fibonacci retracement level, which makes it very strong support with double drops.

The storeJ is a cryptocurrency project that allows consumers to pay their extra hard drive space instead of storejcoin x tokens, which they need to use for someone’s extra hard drive space. They can sell or retrieve it. In a recent blog post, the storej explained why they serve better than iCloud and other storage providers.

Start price               N/A
Average price         USD 0.4152

Max Supply             424,999,998.0
Start Date                 19/07/2017
Current Supply       424,999,998.0

Current price              $ 0.6556

Ƀ 0.00009791 10/28/2017

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