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Earn With Me:

Highly Paying paid to click sites in Bitcoin

BITSVISIT                                           VISIT SITE

It’s no longer working
Bitvisit is a PTC site, there are in excess of 30+ destinations to see promotions and benefit per click is 5 to 10 Satoshi.earn with me will remove closed and scam websites after a specific time.

Partner framework

10% from referral visit destinations procuring. 10% from referral notice buy.

instalments are made in bitcoin    faucethub    payeer

Add up to individuals check was 47739

For promoters:

Beginning at 2 satoshis per one of a kind snap.

No base buy bitcoin and payeer acknowledged.

Alexa rank lift

low least payout – 0.0001

COINTIPLY                                    VISIT SITE

cointiply-earn with me

Cointiply is another BitCoin Faucet where you will acquire coins through spigot consistently from 50 coins to 100000 coins. Other than the general fixture you can acquire cash by playing recreations, watching recordings, finishing offers and even through program mining. You can pull back to your Bitcoin Wallet specifically or to your spigot centre point account.

Earn with me try to best to provide paying sites.win bitcoins from Top research, descend media, shelled nut lab, survey angle, offer daddy, minute staff, offer toro, persona, adgate media, wanna promotions

1. The site pays in Coins pegged to the dollar (10,000:1), so your income stays steady. (Coins worth more than 1 satoshi with BTC underneath $10K)

2. Win 50-100,000 Coins each hour- – each prize is winnable

3. The site pays a reward for each prime number you roll

4. Devotion reward pays 1% every day of back to back logins (max 100%)

5. Lucrative offerwalls, and we always screen to be to finish everything

6. Fun computer games that compensation you

7. Withdrawal alternatives: Direct to your wallet (BTC or Doge), or to FaucetHub in BTC

8. Ethereum withdrawals coming!

9. Bolster program mining, paying 5 Coins for each 100K hashes

FauetHub Support

unwaveringness reward of 1% every day up to 100% for consistently you make a claim

Procure up to 25% lifetime referral commissions.

Procure up to 100,000 coins with each turn from the most astounding paying Bitcoin spigot

BITTER                                 VISIT SITE

My Last Withdraw from bitter

You will receive promotions for the duration of the day every advertisement is paid in satoshis, advertisements clock shift between 10 seconds to 60 seconds the more drawn out the promotion last the better the reward. Bitter.io has a level arrangement of 1 to 3 levels when you enrol you start at level 1. currently sign in day by day to see a few advertisements so you can climb the levels is in real quick to achieve level 3 the larger amount we are in the greater the prizes of each promotion yet in the event that you don’t sign in over 24 hours.

you will go down a level yet don’t stress begin utilizing your record again and the level will go up again anyway to get the most out your advertisements dependably remain on level 3.

Which currently is anything but difficult to do since you can include the Bitter augmentation so you be seen each minute you have promotions accessible! Likewise, you are seen each time you have another referral. Referral commission is paid a lifetime and the base withdrawal is 0.0001 satoshis to your preferred bitcoin wallet.


BTC CLICKS                                    VISIT SITE


BTCClicks is started in 2013. The rewarding system is a source of free earning.

You can get 20-30 advertisements every day at a cost of 0.00000002 to 0.00000017 Bitcoins when you’re a standard user.

Someone can withdraw from its most loved e-wallet is 0.0001 Bitcoin or 0.1mBTC and the TOS said that the instalment due date is an unclear time.

Here you can earn 40 to 80% referral commission.

You can enlist boundless direct referrals. Referrals are additionally accessible for leasing.

The Premium enrollment will make you DOUBLE your gaining, too the estimation of your snaps as your referrals bonuses.

The aggregate number of individuals came to was 32000 at the last refresh. We recommend you to utilize this connection to be alluded to on BTCClicks.

BTC VIC                                     VISIT SITE


You can ask for a cashout(Withdraw) once you meet the required least sum (0.00015000 BTC)

You get half of your referrals acquiring by clicking PTC commercials

Gain bitcoins by survey ads! Get 50 Satoshi only to Sign Up!

Additionally, 42 Satoshi only to view Ads! Ensured Ads Daily

Gain Up To 50 Satoshi Per Click Incredible Affiliate Program

Gain Up To 25 Satoshi Per Referral Click.


ClIX4BTC                    VISIT SITE


Clix4Btc is a Bitcoin PTC/PTP/PTSU And a Faucet Website. You will discover 30+ promotions for each day for compensation for each snap of 0.0000012BTC. The administrator of this site is the administrator of 2 effective sites(Buxnificient and TrillestClicks)

With this PTC You will get paid to Promote also. You can get up to 0.0002BTC Per CPM being an updated part and 0.0001 BTC being a standard part. It pays well for referrals also.

In addition. you will win 80% of your downline’s bonus and fixture rolls and 150% being an updated part.

You can get up to 4000 satoshis an hour from spigot, changes. You can guarantee boundless circumstances in the multi-day and half of referrals claims.

You can likewise gain by means of offer walls, P TCWALL and Surveys and so on.

Starting at 07/02/2018 aggregate individuals are 97 162 and add up to payout are BTC 8.55981740

Appreciate while it pays well.

COIN ADDER                          VISIT SITE


You’ll discover 50 promotions day by day at a cost for each snap of 25 Satoshi when you’re a standard client. By taking a gander at our review, you can see initially if this Paid To Click is a trick or genuine PTC.

Minimum cashout is 10000 satoshis. You can pick among the accompanying payout techniques: Bitcoin. With this P.T.C. site, you will win 10 % of your referral income.

The aggregate number of individuals came to was 10000 at the last refresh. We propose you to utilize this connection to be alluded to on CoinAdder.

                                                                                 BTC4ADS                              VISIT SITE

BTC4ADS is a publicizing stage where individuals can click promotions

to procure bitcoins or where sponsors can increase modest presentation

to bitcoin clients.

An excellent part gets numerous points of interest over a standard part. A top-notch part will win twofold what a standard part acquires. Premium individuals will gain 200% from their own advertisement clicks and up to 150% of their referral promotion clicks.

The base withdrawal sum is 0.0005. There is a 0.0001 Fee for every withdrawal charged by our instalment processor.

All instalments are handled on each Sunday. You are not permitted to have in excess of one record for each individual/IP.

No, once stored into buy adjust it can’t be transferred back. It would be ideal if you tap on the counter or invigorate the page. Earn with me is updated weekly.

adBTC                           VISIT SITE

Normally you can get 20 satoshis per advertisements, There are multiple promotions for every day and up to 35 satoshis per click. You can auto surf for 15 satoshis per surf. Someone can get 5000 satoshis in multi-day.

With this PTC you will win 7.5% of your referrals surfing. You can likewise offer your dynamic referrals and get them also.

there are three procuring choices: surf promotions .auto surfing surf in another initiate window.

The base to payout is just 5000 satoshi, by means of payeer, bitcoin, faucet hub. The site has paid 24 bitcoin till now to 100179 of its clients!!

RefBit               VISIT SITE


RefBit is a best Paid To Click (PTC) site of earn with me. It doesn’t care for the others since clicks are paid with bitcoins. Just tap on the connections that will be introduced to you. Each time you tap on a connection, you should hold up just seconds previously tapping on the following. Be paid and acquire satoshis effectively. Win satoshi by clicking. In excess of 10 ticks for each day, win up to 95 satoshis per click. Referral commission 50%.Minimum to gather for instalment: 0.00012000 BTC.

BitPTC                  VISIT SITE

BitPTC is a Bitcoin Paid To Click

Standard Membership

  •  Your snap: $0.0005 – $0.003
  •  Referral click: $0.0001 – $0.0009

Bronze Membership

  • Your snap: $0.0006 – $0.004
  •  Referral click: $0.0003 – $0.002

Silver Membership

  • Your snap: $.0008 – $0.005
  •  Referral click: $0.0004 – $0.003

Gold Membership

  • Your snap: $0.001 – $0.008
  • Referral click: $0.0006 – $0.004
  • Standard individuals need 50 promotion clicks and updated individuals must have 0 advertisement snaps to cashout
  • Minimum to cash out $0.15
  • Payment techniques just Bitcoin: Coinbase or Faucethub

Payment inside: 24 – 48 hours

PAIDVERTS:                 VISIT SITE 

Profiting on the Internet: Start the experience Paidverts!

I come here today to speak a little about what this specific PTC PaidVerts! There’s no Investment required so as to cash out you will get 200 BAPS every day i.e.,0.1$

First realize that the site works on a premise: Bonus Points Ads !! To get up to 15500

Extra Points Ads:

The most significant thing to comprehend is the arrangement of BAPs (Bonus Ads Points) which administers the whole site. This is the measure of BAPs that are accessible which characterizes the number and estimation of promotions that can be clicked.

BAP 1 = $ 0.0005

To win, there are three different ways:

Snap-on the initiation promotions offered by the site 8 every day. Every last one of us credits BAP 15, which is identical to a benefit of $ 0.06.

Purchase Bulk Ads , so utilize the site to publicize our different projects. Each $ 1 put resources into masses Ads credits us BAPs 2400 , proportionate to a potential increase of $ 1.2. what’s more, they return us 10% of the interest in the following 10 days 1% every day.

The different rounds of possibility and Paris site.

You must have to have in any event 1600 to begin getting promotions, and our equalization of BAPs, the more prominent our odds of having commercials significant to click increment.

As should be obvious above, I have 75,446 BAPs or a potential addition of $ 37.52.

What’s more, there is an arrangement of gathering as indicated by the measure of BAPs that one has, which decides the sum and estimation of bars as we get dependent on finished crusades and acquired in the day. Clearly, the more we are in a high gathering, the better.

When publicizing is proposed to us, its worth is charged our BAPs and in the event that we don’t we click inside the time of 18h, it is reused and we lose the BAPs previously charged. We should consequently consider all proposed snap ads to not lose idiotically BAPs and along these lines diminish our income potential. The perfect is to go two times every day on the site: once toward the beginning of the day and once around evening time. Along these lines, difficult to miss promoting!

The Upgrades:

To expand the measure of promoting to click day by day, and in this manner increment the day by day gains, there is diverse Upgrade.

– Recycle Pro for $ 0.05: You will get reused notices from different individuals from the site (either by decision or in light of the fact that they have not had the opportunity to click) until arriving at the estimation of $ 1, after which it will reactivate the overhaul for $ 0.05.

– SuperUser Upgrades: Each battle acquired on the site, by anybody, produces 10 promotions worth 1% of the nation’s worth. For instance, for a $ 100 bottle, $ 10 1 promotion will subsequently be created. By the day’s end, promotions created by all battles obtained during this day are shared among every single Super User.

There are 2 degrees of Super User Upgrades:

– Mini Upgrade costing $ 2.99 and respects crusade worth between $ 1 and $ 49 (thus $ promotions 0.01 and $ 0.49)

– Mega update which costs $ 19.99. also, regard the wide open with an estimation of $ 50 (ie ads from $ 5)

The Super User Upgrades last in any event 7 days yet doesn’t end as long as we didn’t get in any event the estimation of the update is $ 2.99 for the Mini and $ 19.99 for the Mega, subsequently guaranteeing that we can not lose cash with this framework, however, can likewise procure a great deal.

To get promotion of the day, the overhaul must be dynamic at 00h . At that point initiated at 23:30, you will get all commercials produced from the earliest starting point of the day; on the other hand, on the off chance that it terminates at 23:30, we won’t get anything.

The 2 redesigns can be bought simultaneously to cover the entirety of the crusades.

Advertisement Filter:

In the event that tapping on low worth advertisements bothers you, you likewise have the choice to set the base worth that you need to get. Obviously, this is paying $ 10, however it is likewise last. This is the Ad Filter. Be mindful so as to pick the worth you need, supposing that you need to transform it later, it will reimburse the $ 10.

The Advertisements:

Concerning commercials in themselves, you discover them in the “Paid Ads” All most recent 30 seconds, have values ?? going from $ 0.0005 to $ 100 for the fortunate ones who have an adequate equalization of BAPs, and solicit to duplicate 3 lines from content to begin checking, as should be obvious in the accompanying picture.

A captcha as of late supplanted the last line of content to stay away from programmed click programming that influences the site.

I leave you my best screen publicizing the day:

Direct Referrals:

You additionally have the probability of enlisting downline that will set aside you some cash in various manners.

– You will get 10% of any venture that will make on the site.

– You will get 5% of the estimation of each publicizing your companion clicks.

– If he puts resources into the connected site My Traffic Value (on which you consequently have a record when you register PaidVerts), there will likewise be your companion and strike it so commissions.

This, I think remember anything! I truly like this site and is fairly beneficial in spite of the absence of rental referrals. I let you find it and I plan to see you there!

Boundless Referrals

All nations acknowledged

Cashout : $1 PM BTC $2 PP Payza $10 EgoPay STP $250 Bank Wire $750 Western Union

Cashout Wait: 24 hours – 7 days

! Great accomplishment to you

right now: 3,284,448 clients enlisted


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